Independent Writer, Researcher & Curator 
Marc Riboud:
Paris to Peking

ATLAS Gallery, London
25 March - 9 May 2015

Assistant Curator

Ben Burdett, Gallery Director
Jim Edwards, Gallery Manager

Financial Times
“Rather than a profession, photography has always been a passion for me, a passion closer to an obsession”- Marc Riboud

Riboud’s career began in 1951 when, after experimenting with photography at the festival of Lyon during a weeklong holiday, he moved to Paris where he met Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, the founders of Magnum Photos. Riboud would become president of the agency in 1976. In 1957, Riboud was one of the only photographers to visit and document daily life in China, and the exhibition is a rare opportunity to view little-seen prints from this expedition. Early images of Paris, Central London, Woolwich, Wimbledon, Southend and Leeds taken after Riboud became a member of Magnum Photos in 1953 will also be part of the exhibition. This will be a unique opportunity to view these very rarely seen images, which form an essential but lesser known part of Riboud’s oeuvre. Paris to Peking is a selection of favourite pieces from Riboud’s personal archive, and documents his evolution as a photographer.