Darren Harvey-Regan

As I wait for Darren to join me at the table, a ray breaks loose from the overcast sky and rolls across his studio, drawing my attention to a group of images on the wall. Geometric forms at different stages of creation are pinned alongside a drapery of saints, whilst loaves of bread quietly stale next to chipped masonry.

The light is momentarily fractured as Darren walks past the window— symbolic of a playful auteurship which disrupts the way in which his installations are read. Consisting of dark, diagrammatic box frames, the placid collections in Metalepsis snap into razor-sharp observations of shared signs and symbols upon viewing; a self-referential dialogue of material properties and linguistic tropes, the work is as visually poetic as it is exciting. Darren pulls up a chair and smiles as I ask for context.

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